A Hope

A flickering hope in despondency,

like a rebellious flare in the womb of a storm,

and the afflicting Déjà vu of failure,

pulling thy across the lines of anticipate…

The lightning strikes a chord,

with the strings of despair and anguish

while thou navigate the conscience

To the beats of an effervescent life…

The thoughts break  autumn’s monotony,

to the resplendent light of springs

and the blossoms meet  cacophony…

Just like a dewdrop kissing the earth,

the touch of whose makes the hoarse periphery,

a delight to walk on…


Just like the sun oozing out of his siesta

from the deep blue sea…

The insight outshines thy desire,

and thou command an enigma of sanguinity…

The naked half-moon exposing

its shining bare skin,

across the bed sheet of clouds

and the stammering gloom of night…

The darkness makes the shine more affluent,

like happiness leaping amidst a masquerade of gloom…

A hope is more than

a few fluttered words

it is the fortitude of forbidden times,

and the reformation of finesse…

a hope is more than just “A Hope

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The Oak Tree

He stood alone on the hill,

through dusk to dawn

His roots dug deep,

deeper into thoughts

Thoughts of sunlight,

and the rays of hope

For his progenitors,

for the leaves, the branches

Thoughts of monsoon,

when summers pinched

And of winters,

When rains soaked his tears

He was always thinking,

for he was The Oak Tree

He was proud of the leaves,

that spawned his shadow

He endowed branches,

that unified his euphoria

The roots were his strength,

his indelible self

The only hope,

that touched his revere

He always loved them,

for he was The Oak Tree

He braved ages,

and the swindling time

He fought the storm,

the drought and the quivers

To strangers he bore resilience,

a resilience against the blistering swelter

He was always like this,

for he was The Oak Tree 

His leaves changed color,

much like the weather

The branches tore his skin,

he wanted them to brave his age

Deserted he stood,

with his shadow

For his good days,

for leaves and birds and greenery

He always waited,

for he was The Oak Tree

There was a friend, a brother

a father, and a lover

for there was “The Oak Tree…”

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Life is about Happiness, Enjoy It
Life is about Difficulties, Face It

Life is a Blessing, Accept it
Life is a curse, Dodge It

Life is a Child, Pamper It
Life is an Obstacle, Hamper it

life is a child, Pamper it

Life is LOVE, Feel It
Life is a Wound, Heal It

Life is ME, Life is YOU
Life is a Bluff, Life is True

Life is Kudos, Life is a Critic
Life is an Attitude, Life is a Pity

Life is Obvious, Life is a Satire
Life is Purity, Life is a Felony

Life is Soul, Life is Heart
Life is an aspiration, life is a dart

When the waves of life pulls you through
Sail across like a frenzied sailor

Enjoy the sunrise, and the sunset,
The rainbow and the deep blue sea

Embrace the starlit night
Fluctuating the darkness

Accumulate the enigma of thoughts
Decoding melancholy restraints

Allow yourself to unnerve
Love life and caress it…

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This World’s a Stage

Through the cheers,
Drops of cry
Through the monotony,
Drops of joy

Coz this World’s a stage…

This World's a stage

Through the innocence,
a whisker of mischief
Through the perverse ,
a whisker of munificence

Coz this World’s a stage…

Through the heinous politics,
Emergence of a debonair
Through the pious saints,
Emergence of a felony

Coz this World’s a stage…

The mysticism, the exuberance,
The cynic and the benevolence
The austere, the agile,
The introvert and the futile
Grief there n here’s a smile

Coz this World’s a stage…

The irony exists, the spontaneity exists,
The joy exists, the sorrow exists
All within this World
we are the characters of this theatre
and this World’s a stage…

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