Bow your heads low
And stir your souls high
Beneath that cranium,
And above all the repercussions
Is a human, a superhuman…

For centuries may come,
And they may fall like rain
But never will you fathom this genius again

You call him a master, do you
You call him a blaster, do you
You call him a miracle
and a thunder, and a fire do you

A demon to the bowler down the wicket he is
A god in this cricket frenzy nation he is
The hope of a thousands of millions disciple
And the agony of a few disheartened atheists he is

He’s faced the torpedoes and the fireballs
And the swingers and the yorkers
He’s smashed them, he’s thrashed them
He’s sent them to the Pluto
and the Mars and the Saturn

He’s an era himself,
In this gentleman’s game
For thou shall ne’er see, this humility
In such extravagance of fame

May we keep alive Sachinism,
a proud Sachinist I am
I’ve seen the Master play,
That’s how lucky I am!

P.S: This poem is dedicated to Sachin’s 100th century. Special thanks to my friend Abhishek Nagaraja who motivated me to write this. 🙂

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(S)ach(I)n (R)amesh Tendulkar

“Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don’t know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their television sets and switch off their lives.” – BBC Sports


At 14, he was a ball boy for the India versus Zimbabwe game during the 1987 World Cup. Around 24 years and 5 world cups later, he is the poster boy of International Cricket!

The subdued 16-year-old boy facing the most ferocious bowlers is now one of the most “Respected” and  “Feared” batsman in the history of world cricket!

Sachin- "Now and then"

Such is his stature that he has been adduced as the “God of Cricket”! Words are sporadic, and sentences too scanty, to define our very own “Little Master”.

The “Tendulkar” can stop time in India, his nervous nineties symbolize an apprehension across the nation. There’s a nerve-wrecking silence, and everything stands still! Eyes glued to the TV sets, and lips synchronizing a pledge to the “Respective Gods“!

The anticipation bypasses any  caste, creed and color, only one religion prevails “Sachinism”! A century at this moment, reinvents the “Proud Indian” with heads soaring high. He’s not just a Cricketer, he’s the dream of a common man! He is what “hope” means to us, and cricket means to me.

This post is dedicated to SIR Sachin’s “World Cup Dream”

I bow to the mastery of this legend, and his superb run in the world cup 2011! I won’t be doing any scratchoscopic analysis, as being a mere mortal i don’t have the right to!

The Flashback!

1998-thunderstorm innings

I started watching cricket when I first saw “Sachin” bat! It’s almost 13 years now, I watch the game “ONLY and ONLY” when the “Master Blaster” is at the crease! It was 1998 Sharjah Cup, India V/S Australia, I still remember how “Tendulkar” bundled the aussies with his fluent “Lofted” sixes of Kasprowicz, Gillespie, Warne, and the likes. He literally smothered the Australian attack to the dismal corners, cajoling India to the emphatic “Qualifiers”!

They say “history repeats itself”! And the one special innings in World Cup quarterfinals from the “Little Master” sent Kangaroos back in their pouch yet again! 😀

The rise of a Phoenix – Lyrically

Tendulkar’s exploits are phenomenal, he’s faced the lethal swingers of Wasim-Waqar, the rippers of Pollock-McGrath, the fireballs of Lee-Akhtar, and the spiralling torpedoes of Warne-Murali with an unbiased and imbibed ease.

His supernova form in the 90’s was just euphoric, and it returns to haunt the bowlers whenever critics pull up their socks against the “Run Machine”. The atheists get their answers when the lethal willow attunes the song of “Leather meets The Heavy Wood”.

To the Bowler:

He’ll walk through the pitch
and send it out of the stadium…

When Leather meets heavy wood

He’ll pull across that heavy bat
and dismantle your poise…

He’ll stand and deliver
the echelons of swashbucklers…

The fielders are gonna run,
In a merry-go-round

And the pitch turns
Into a battleground

Everything’s gonna fall apart,
And the crowd will go berserk

“When Leather meets The Heavy Wood”

P.S – These lyrics are my cherished possession, please DO NOT COPY 🙂

The finesse of a Literary

His stroke play symbolize literature! A mixture of silkened stanza cover drive, a whispering dialect of back foot punch, the colloquial paddle sweep, the synecdoche of a straight drive, and the catharsis of a belligerent pull. He adorns the climaxotic late cut, the hyperbole of a lofted shot, and the euphemism of the upper cut!

I am a writer, can’t help it! 😀

Upper Cut

Paddle sweep

Back foot Punch

Straight Drive

The Humanitarian

A gentleman that he is, “Tendulkar” sponsors 200 underprivileged children every year through Apnalaya, a Mumbai-based NGO associated with his mother-in-law, Annabel Mehta. A request from Sachin on twitter raised 10.25 million through his crusade against cancer for a Cancer foundation. (Source: Wikipedia)

The humanitarian

The Superman

With a stature that he enjoys in the cricket crazy nation, humility is almost impossible.  But that’s what makes this man so special, Impossible ain’t a word for him! He’s been playing for more than two decades now, and has been a true cavalier throughout. Controversies are a rare artifact in his unbelievably long career.

The Superman

I won’t talk about his records, for that’s what every Indian boasts of! 😀 Again I am falling short of words, so I’ll borrow Navjot Singh Sidhu’s ,“Hindustan mein aap Prime Minister pe ungli utha sakte ho, lekin Sachin Tendukar pe nahin” (In India you can question a Prime Minister, but not Sachin Tendulkar) 🙂

A Magnum Opus!

With the ballpark figure of almost every single Indian dedicating this world cup to “SRT”, fellow teammates were equally ecstatic to devote this memorabilia.

If only i was able to express how i felt when “Sachin” was riding on the team chariot through the Wankhede Stadium, with hazy and moist eyes!

I can still fortify the exuberance of a “Little Boy” cuddling his dream, with those jeweled eyes. I could sense those romantic vibes surrounding a young romeo saying “Hey Sweety, you took a long time, but you’re finally mine!!” 😀

The Romeo

The Little Boy

An Ode to the  Master!

This may be his “last World Cup”, or maybe NOT 🙂 ( i want SIR “Sachin” to enlighten our souls forever!) Critics and pessimists may argue over his supremacy, but there’s one thing i am pretty sure of “There is only one SACHIN, and will always be”!


“People say they saw Christ walk water…People say they saw Gandhiji win us freedom…People say they walked alongside Buddha ‘The Enlightened One’. I will always say ~~ I SAW SACHIN BAT ~~” 🙂

Yes, we are the world Champs! And i am a very proud Indian and an immensely dignified Sachinist! 🙂


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