कल मैंने चांद से खुरच खुरच कर रात सफेद की
फिर नजर आए कुछ पन्ने
बुकमार्क कर के भुल गया था शायद, आगे बढ़ा नहीं
आसमान आंखें फ़ाडे तकता रहा, मैं रात घोल कर पी गया

पियुष कौशल

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ज़मीं से चांद का फासला
मेरे दिल से तेरे लब तक

पियुष कौशल

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तुम भी चढ़ाकर देखो अपने से किसी रिश्ते को
मतलब की आंच पर,
हमने अच्छे अच्छों को वहां रंग बदलते देखा है…

                                                               पियूष कौशल

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Some Words

The trees want to whisper,
and leaves dance in the isles
The breeze trickles them
It seems they are all drunk

The road’s too long,
and the journey unknown
A gang of clouds kidnap the sun,
I’m not sure who’s the one

The moments gather here,
all of them
They hymn a lullaby,
a newborn moment falls asleep

What lyrics they were,
i don’t know
A haphazard song,
the one with me and you in it

Image Credits: fineartamerica.com

Image Credits: fineartamerica.com

The smell of dew,
still afresh
The mist of hopes,
thickened with expectations

This road seems to go nowhere,
the dreams chose to stay still
Aimless i wander,
in this world so unknown

I live by this moment,
of peace and serenity
A tear in my eye,
the taste of which is sweet

The sun pays its ransom,
the clouds let it free
Some words that i write
some words that i breathe

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A Moonlit Night

It’s a moonlit night

The stars sewn in a necklace

Yawning with their mouth open

Spilling the lights around


I spread my arms on the chair

Wanting to hug the warm night

The darkness of sky that I inhale

Lights up a corner of my soul


Somewhere, down there

there’s a mystifying silence

That echoes like ripples in the water

And spreads like the shadow of my dreams

Image Credits -scenicreflections.com

Image Credits -scenicreflections.com


The moon is blank, yet full of visions

I pick each vision and untie the knot

They look familiar, as if always were a part of me

There are some I wrap, to cherish later


My eyes pull the curtain,

And my nerves are smoothened

I see a moonlit night

The stars sewn in a necklace

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The Oak Tree

He stood alone on the hill,

through dusk to dawn

His roots dug deep,

deeper into thoughts

Thoughts of sunlight,

and the rays of hope

For his progenitors,

for the leaves, the branches

Thoughts of monsoon,

when summers pinched

And of winters,

When rains soaked his tears

He was always thinking,

for he was The Oak Tree

He was proud of the leaves,

that spawned his shadow

He endowed branches,

that unified his euphoria

The roots were his strength,

his indelible self

The only hope,

that touched his revere

He always loved them,

for he was The Oak Tree

He braved ages,

and the swindling time

He fought the storm,

the drought and the quivers

To strangers he bore resilience,

a resilience against the blistering swelter

He was always like this,

for he was The Oak Tree 

His leaves changed color,

much like the weather

The branches tore his skin,

he wanted them to brave his age

Deserted he stood,

with his shadow

For his good days,

for leaves and birds and greenery

He always waited,

for he was The Oak Tree

There was a friend, a brother

a father, and a lover

for there was “The Oak Tree…”

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