I sing an old song…

I walk by the streets
I sing an old song
there are some merchants
who hawk their stories
some old, some freshly baked

I fall for this one
the one with mountains and rivers
there’s freshly stoked tea somewhere
the lump of ginger, I feel it in my throat
There’s a tea stall on the other side
the one where people brew their dreams

An old man pours a story
the chai wallah flavors it
I sip a few words,
I try to gulp some down

My story seems incomplete
I add some more lies, sugar coated
they blend well, the stories
but some words fall down
unknowingly, or knowingly perhaps
in my cup of tea

I call for another one
some more storms steamed in
my half-empty cup
my half-filled stories
I crush, and swing them around

As I start again,
I walk by the streets
I sing an old song.

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