Why this Jhol-a-very Di!

The title seems interesting eh! Given the fact that Kolaveri has gone viral, this might go influenza. One reason why I chose this name is  for a marketing gimmick, and I’ll be candid about it! 🙂

The other reason being the Phunny English, weird words and flop songs involved 😛

Frankly speaking the title seems absurd and outwardly stupid, and I have no qualms in accepting that I was testing my nerdy symptoms here.

Now getting back to the point, what the hell is the post about?

Well I have had a bad day or even better a frustrating day, and this post is an outpour of my pseudo-intellect parallelism (don’t bother understanding this, it’s just something absurd).

I have this habit, whenever I feel infuriated; I want to laugh out loud at this world, myself, sneaky neighbors, constipate-faced bosses, and almost everybody!

Will start with some excellent English verbatim by a P.T teacher (shared by one of my fry-ends)

There is no wind in the football – Because wind is in the air buddy!

I talk, he talk, Why you middle talk? – In the middle of know-where!

You rotate the ground four times – Must be Rajnikanth…mind it! (see the connect 😉 )

You go ‘n understnd the tree – Be eco –friendly dude!

I’ll give you clap – For clap-tivating performance!

Bring your parents with Your Mom ‘n Dad – Applicable only for westerners!

Form a straight circle – With a curved scale!

Open the window let the atmosphere come in – Inhale the wind in air!

The other thing I am gonna blabber about is the changing genre of Bollywood songs. It all started with “Beedi” and now it seems like everybody’s going foolhardy over songs that originated from truck drivers, rehab folks and dingy streets. Last evening, I heard this song “Pauwa laga ke ayi, chikni chameli”! I mean the lyrics are so mess-merizing that you just can’t help pulling off your shoe (yes, even when your socks stink!).

The creativity seems to be taking a new high every second, from See-la ki Jawani, Munni ki bad-naami, Chaalu ke thoo-mke and bhatt not! I imagine next would be something like this:

Champa chatori leke katori

Rangili puspa

Besaram bijuria katili nazaria

Adhia lagake pallu ghumake

I know…I know I should stop here…. you’ve been very patient all this while, and I don’t want to go to the dentist this weekend! 😀

So keep your cool, take a deep breath and smile! 🙂

The motto of this post! Nothing… just wanted to start this year with smiles… No offence intended!


Oh yeah, by the way…. HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀

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