Men don’t cry…

Men don’t cry they say
THEY say men don’t cry
Thrashed, bashed or trashed don’t even try
Lick your wounds and sshh them dry
Oh you dare, and dare you ask me why
Hold your seas, for you’re the guy
Darn your feelings, let them die
Bash someone, bully them – they comply
But cry don’t
Men don’t cry…

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When the vast sky says hello to the enormous ocean
It’s just the breeze I hear among the roars

A half-dressed sun hides beneath the clouds
I try to dress it with a half-naked orange moon

This evening seems to have lost its sheen
And the night seduces the stars into illusion


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The sun-baked hopes seem to wither
I wash their face with a new song

I look up, and then down as the silence caresses me
I hear a good-bye, my shadow moves away

It’s just me and the night, as we sleep hand in hand
a cushion of the half-naked orange moon, and a blanket of dreams

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It’s Just!

It’s just I wanted to think,
Just like, I never write
It’s just that sky is so dull,
Or else the sun is too bright

It’s just I wanted to scream,
I want to start a new fight
It’s just I’m always wrong,
You think you’re always right

Image Credits: Sumner Crenshaw

Image Credits: Sumner Crenshaw

 It’s just that day never ends,
Maybe he’s late for the night
It’s just that love is so blind,
It’s never out of the sight

It’s just that white is so black,
It makes the black so white,
It’s just my thoughts are so loose,
Like broken strings of a kite

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