Is adbhut post ko dekhte hi 5 seconds mein like karein, apki barso ki ek ichha zaroor poori hogi


Ladki ki photo ko to 10,000 likes kuch seconds me mil jaate hain, dekhte hain wordpress ke is nakaraa blogger ko kitne likes milte hain.

What a ….tiyapa way to start a blog??

I know…I know!!

But this post comes in after a lot of hair clenching sessions…..  when I see my facebook page overburdened with such scavenging posts.

Here’s the payback time!  Mera inteqam…. (a 90’s revenge background score)

Well, first of all a big burrrrrrrrpppp on the faces of people in my Phreinds list, who like these posts – inadvertently testing my doctored patience.

And another surplus blast originating from a rather different part of anatomy (if you know what I mean) :D. This terror strike is for the inventors of jhandarfull stuff like this.

Now look at these original posts (word-by-word)

5 sec ka time nikal ke photo like karo

Comment main jai _______  likho

Share karo aur phir dekho chamatkar

Yeah yeah : facebook baba chamatkaar (3 idiots wala) ho gaya, meri 3 din pehle chori hui chappal aaj waapis mil gayi. Lagta hai bhagwan ji ke paas SHREE-G connection hai, what a fast response!

Ab main agle 3 din tak roz subah login karke namaskar karunga!

To the face-bhookiya devotee – is god busy doing facebook these days! I know we Indians are religious fools, but this is an extent. If you want miracles to happen, do your karma well!


Jai Jubaan!

“Kisi heroine ki photo ko to hazaaro likes mil jaate hain,

Dekhte hain bharat maa ke is jawaan ko kitne like milte hain, comment mai jai hind likh kar share karein

Aaj dekhte hain ki facebook pe kitne deshbhakt hain”

Bhai tujhe kya r..owl   ga..dhi ne facebook survey ka theka diya hai! Ya rahaat kosh se chawal churata pakda gaya tha aur ab neta banna chahta hai!

To the face-bhookiya deshbhakt – No likes and comments will give them their due admiration, try not to insult them by using their name for your marketing gimmicks.

Aur haan, angrez to gaye bharaat ko “Scamino” ke naam karke, aur tu ab hame chaen se facebook bhi mat karne diyo!

Now, my “yours sincerely” request to the people who like, comment and share such posts is – Please limit the visibility of such posts if you think that you just cannot miss the facebook Avatars and chamatkaars.

For some” honhaar guys”, I completely understand your failed attempts to impress “that” girl by sharing emotional “maa ka pyaar” aur “aurat ka balidaan” posts.  – If you really respect people, you won’t need a show-off!

And yes last but not the least, to the ladies log commenting  “AWW” on everything ranging from a screw, a dog, an accident, a tsunami, nail paint, a smiley….a polka dot!  – Kya log sach kehte hain, ki jo “Aww” na kare wo “Awwrat” nahi! 😀 😛

P.S: Only fun n pun intended, no offences!

In case you feel offended……….





My words have reached the right ears! 😉

Agar aap sachhe velle hain to comment mein likhein “Aww”some aur share karein 😀

………………………………. WHAT A RELIEF…………..……………….. J

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