A Moonlit Night

It’s a moonlit night

The stars sewn in a necklace

Yawning with their mouth open

Spilling the lights around


I spread my arms on the chair

Wanting to hug the warm night

The darkness of sky that I inhale

Lights up a corner of my soul


Somewhere, down there

there’s a mystifying silence

That echoes like ripples in the water

And spreads like the shadow of my dreams

Image Credits -scenicreflections.com

Image Credits -scenicreflections.com


The moon is blank, yet full of visions

I pick each vision and untie the knot

They look familiar, as if always were a part of me

There are some I wrap, to cherish later


My eyes pull the curtain,

And my nerves are smoothened

I see a moonlit night

The stars sewn in a necklace

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