The Oak Tree

He stood alone on the hill,

through dusk to dawn

His roots dug deep,

deeper into thoughts

Thoughts of sunlight,

and the rays of hope

For his progenitors,

for the leaves, the branches

Thoughts of monsoon,

when summers pinched

And of winters,

When rains soaked his tears

He was always thinking,

for he was The Oak Tree

He was proud of the leaves,

that spawned his shadow

He endowed branches,

that unified his euphoria

The roots were his strength,

his indelible self

The only hope,

that touched his revere

He always loved them,

for he was The Oak Tree

He braved ages,

and the swindling time

He fought the storm,

the drought and the quivers

To strangers he bore resilience,

a resilience against the blistering swelter

He was always like this,

for he was The Oak Tree 

His leaves changed color,

much like the weather

The branches tore his skin,

he wanted them to brave his age

Deserted he stood,

with his shadow

For his good days,

for leaves and birds and greenery

He always waited,

for he was The Oak Tree

There was a friend, a brother

a father, and a lover

for there was “The Oak Tree…”

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24 thoughts on “The Oak Tree

  1. The poem just soothes out and takes you with the flow… I wonder how you write like that at such a young age!! such deep thoughts!

  2. Lovely thought and deep verses! Loved your posts!

    Keep posting your feelings! Looking forward to reading them!

    Indie! 🙂

  3. Hi,

    you write real good poems, i quite like the depth in your words. Although you are doing well, i would suggest if you study a deeper verses of literature that will refine things further. wish you luck


    • Hi Andrew,

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I really appreciate that you took out some time 🙂 In fact even i was planning to go for a literature course, being from Biotech+IT+Marketing i really dont have that hold on the subject 😀


  4. Hello Noju.

    I just loved this poem…. <3

    when rain soaked his tears
    he was always thinking, for he was the Oak Tree.

    he braved ages,
    and he swindling time
    he fought the storm,

    He always "Waited" for he was the Oak tree.

    There was a friend, a brother

    a father, and a lover

    for there was “The Oak Tree…”

    Liked all these lines from the poem.. somewhere deep inside, this all touched my soul…

    Very Nice.

  5. This is what life celebrated on earth well defined. God bless you for this great poem. I dedicate it to my dad and every leader that has worked hard for his led.

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